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Discovering: Opus Clip

Opus Clip AI is a game-changer for video content creators and businesses. It’s not just any tool; it’s a magical generative AI that highlights and creates a hook from the part of the video with the highest viral potential. This AI automatically analyzes and selects the most engaging segment from long-form videos, then applies the magic of its AI Tools to enhance it. 

This tool acts like a teammate, improving your efficiency and saving time. It highlights engaging, funny, informative, and attractive moments in videos. This AI can also add visual and storytelling effects to videos and is capable of creating clips in more than 15 languages. To learn more about Opus Clip AI’s features and pricing, continue reading.

How Does it Work : Opus Clip

As mentioned earlier, Opus Clip AI focuses on the most engaging, attractive, and informative parts of a video. It generates short clips from longer videos for various social media platforms, whether you need an Instagram story, a Facebook reel, or a YouTube short. 

Opus Clip to Create Shorts in one click

Video editing, adding animations, captions, color grading, and camera tracking can be daunting tasks. However, Opus Clip AI handles these tasks easily and quickly, saving time and boosting efficiency. This AI Tool works in 2 stages.

1. Analyze – 

In this step, Opus clip analyzes the video according to the latest social media platform trends. 

2. Curate – 

In this step, this tool Understands the video content and its chapters. Then, it selects the most engaging and informative clip that has the potential to go viral. Finally, it creates 10 short-form clips from the long-form video.

Benefits of using Opus Clip for video creators and businesses

Every creator and business wants to reach their targeted online audience for growth. Opus Clip AI is a very useful tool for Content Creators and businesses. It helps to create short-form videos for social platforms very quickly. Some benefits includes: 

  • AI Content Creation AI content creation Tools help to improve quality and save time and also to make compelling videos to attract targeted audiences. 
  • Consistent Content Strategy – To retain the targeted audience consistent posting is very crucial. Opus Clip AI can help to schedule regular posting.
  • Boost Engagement – It creates a short clip by highlighting the most engaging part of the video and it increases engagement. ·         
  • Brand Awareness – Posting regular compelling and engaging videos with the help of AI can enhance brand awareness. ·         
  • Time-saving – This tool saves the maximum time that is needed to edit a video. ·         
  • One-click Editor – It can generate short-form videos in just one click

How to create viral short clips with Opus Clip

Are you ready to watch the Magic of AI tools? Here is a detailed step-by-step guide on How to use Opus Clip AI to transform long-form videos into short clips.

Step 1. Launch AI Tool

Go to Google.com and search for the opus clip.

Step 2. Go to the Opus Clip official website

Go to the Official website and wait for the program to launch.

Step 3. Tool interface

Once loaded, the interface will present a link box and two buttons: “Get Free Clips” and “Upload File”.

Step 4. Sign up

Click on the signup button in the upper right corner. You can sign up using your Email, Google, or Facebook accounts. When you sign in to the tool interface looks like it is shown below.

Create 10 viral shorts clips with 1 long video using Opus Clip

Step 4. Upload or Drop the Link

You have two options to create clips. 

Either copy the link from YouTube, Zoom, Facebook, Rumble Drive, etc., and paste it into the link box, or upload a video file from your device.

Opus clip link drop box

Step 5. Get Clip in one click

Click on the “Get Clip” button as shown in the tool.

Step 6. Customize editing

Customize settings with the AI copilot feature. Adjust the time frame and clip length, and add specific keywords for analysis (optional). These customizations can help you generate the clips according to your needs.

Step 6. Opus Clip AI tool creates the magic.

Allow the AI some time to process and analyze the video. You’ll receive an email notification once the process is complete by Opus Clip

Opus Clip analyzing the video

Step 7. Choose the video 

After processing, Select the video based on the “virality score and grades” given to clips. Because a virality score shows which clip has the best chance of going viral.

Step 8. Download the clip

Download your video with the click of a download button.

Download your video with the click of a download button, AI content creation tools

You can export the XML file for Adobe Premiere Pro to re-edit the video.

Opus Clips algorithm

Its algorithm best works for talking videos like: 

  • Video Podcasts 
  • Educational Videos 
  • Commentaries Videos 
  • Product Reviews 
  • Motivational Speeches

Free vs Paid plans and their features

Opus Clip offers both free and paid plans. Here are the key features

Free plans

Paid Plans

Generates Limited clips per video

Generates Higher clips per video

Watermark included

No Watermark

Slow to generate clips

Fast to generate the clips

Limited to AI Copilot

Ai Copiolot feature Unlocked

No Scheduling feature  

Scheduling feature Unlocked

Not available

Audience insight analytics

Virality score available

Virality score available

Opus clip Free and Paid plans details

Conclusion - ( A guide to Opus clip AI )

Take the Benefit of transforming the power of AI Tools. In this article, you learned a step-by-step guide to Opus clip AI and its uses. How this amazing tool creates magic for content creators and businesses. Also, how it works and the benefits of this tool to create short clips from long-form videos. If you enjoy reading this article subscribe for more insightful updates and share the information with your friends and family

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Opus Clip AI a free tool? 

New users can explore this tool with a 7-day free trial, including 90 minutes to generate short clips. 

Is Opus Clip available for groups? 

Yes, this tool is available for groups or teams. The amazing thing is that during the trial period of 7 days, you can invite up to 10 members to your team. 

How to Download Opus Clip? 

You can access this magical tool from the official website.

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